Asian Eyelid

What is it?

Being the first in Singapore to introduce this revolutionary eyelash extension technique to ladies with monolids, Asian Eyelid Megalift has been receiving a lot of attention. During the eyelash extension process, we incorporate a patented technique to lift up the eyelids to create a double eyelid fold. The effect allows ladies with single eyelid to createan impression of bigger and brighter looking eyes. Together with the lashes, your eyes are transformed beautifully!

How is the process like?

The most frequent question we get is, is it painful? Not at all! The process is like any other eyelash extensions procedure where you can sleep throughout and then wake up with double eyelid fold! How cool! During your consultation, your lash artist will communicate with you to understand your expectations and then customized your eyelash set for you.

Asian mega lift
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How long can my new lids last?

They last as long as your lash extensions are around usually around 4-6 weeks. As the technique uses your eyelash extensions to lift up your eyelids and when your eyelash extensions shed off due to your natural lash growth cycle, your lids will lose its support to maintain the lift hence you are recommended to do a lash touch up after 3-4 weeks to maintain the effect.


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