Filler Lash Lift &

What is it?

You may have heard about lash lift but have you heard of filler lash lift? Filler lash lift enhance the health of your natural lashes by filling them up with lash growing plant-based proteins as well as to give them a lift boost! To ensure the lift stays, We use a keratin based lash lift lotion to set the shape of your lashes. You can also choose how lifted you want for your lashes with 3 different curl size and we will do it just for you.

How is the procedure like?

Your filler lash lift session will start with a consultation to identify your goals and expectations. We will discuss how curl you want the shape to be, whether you want them to be straight up towards your brows or your prefer them to be more fanned out. Follow that, your lash artist will move to pick the lash curling rod most suitable for you. If you like to have your lashes darkened, you can add on a lash tint to give your lash a mascara boost effect. The procedure will be done within 40 minutes!

Lash Lift 2
Lash Lift

Who is it for?

Do you have stubborn, straight or downward pointing lashes? Do you prefer a fuss-free lash care routine? If you are, doing a filler lash lift and tint is definitely the one to go for.

Price: from $118


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