Eyelash Extensions – Latest Men’s Grooming Trend in 2020


Photo Credit: @Glenngoh

For more vivid and expressive eyes

The eyes are the window to your soul, and great lashes change your face for the better – regardless of your gender.

The application of eyelash extensions has replaced the use of mascaras and eyeliners. They enhance the everyday look of users, without taking an abundance of time and effort on makeup daily. Naturally, not everyone has thick and long eyelashes. Therefore, the idea of having longer and fuller lashes appeals to many people, regardless of gender.


While the beauty industry is heavily focused on treatments for women, more and more men became interested in beauty procedures such as hair colors, waxes, spray tans, manicures, and facial cares. It is not surprising that the men’s grooming and beauty industry in 2015 was reported to have had a significant increase, which has been steadily growing since.

After insightful research, Dreamlash Korea has come to understand that the new fashion trends emphasizes on being daring; to overcome the fear of novelty. Therefore, Dreamlash Korea has decided to launch a first of its kind eyelash extension service in Singapore that is catered for men.


In general, the preparation for men’s eyelash extensions does not differ from female. For desired results, several necessary procedures have to be fulfilled. Men eyelash extensions consist of the following procedures:

  1. A consultation with the lash artist to determine customer’s eye shape and expectation of the outcome.
  2. Material, Style, Length and Curl selections – Dreamlash recommends slightly curled lashes and a matte lash texture for men’s extensions. This is to ensure the final result will appear as natural as possible.
  3. Choice of extensions methods – Choose between classic extensions technique or volume extensions technique.
  4. Apply lash extensions to the natural lashes – the process will take about 60 minutes.

These procedures pertaining to professional eyelash extensions will help users, achieve naturalness and optimal comfort – these aspects are especially important for men.

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