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What is Eyeliner Embroidery?

Eyeliner Embroidery is a type of semi-permanent makeup treatment that places pigment along the upper lash line and some on the outer half of the lower lash line, to create thicker, darker, and more naturally defined eyes. It can be done using machine embroidery or manual embroidery. Typically, machine embroidery is faster, more precise and less of a pain. Eyeliner Embroidery typically lasts about a year. However, it could last up to two or three years, depending on how your skin takes the colour.

Perfect eyeliners are undoubtedly well-loved among the beauty community, but the reality is, not everyone can draw evenly perfect eyeliners like beauty bloggers from online tutorial videos. If you already give up on drawing eyeliner by yourself and wish to save more time from your morning makeup routine, give Eyeliner Embroidery a try.

Eyeliner Embroidery Process

After a consultation to understand your desired design, the following steps should be taken to ensure the eyeliner embroider process achieves optimal results:

Step 1: Cleaning of the eyes

Step 2: Applying of Numbing agent

Step 3: Procedure to insert pigment

Step 4: Ensuring both eyeliners (left eye and right eye) are balanced

Step 5: Finishing touches and cleaning of the eyes

Depending on the desired shape and size of the eyeliner, the entire process takes between 1.5-2 hours including consultation.

Dreamlash_eyeliner embroidery_step by step

Types Of Eyeliner Embroidery

Dreamlash_Eyeliner Embroidery_Natural/Invisible

Natural Eyeliner Embroidery involves pigments being implanted between layers of your lashes to create a fuller lash line effect. The result is subtle and appears more natural

Dreamlash_Eyeliner Embroidery_Classic

Classic Eyeliner Embroidery involves pigments being deposited on and above your lash line. The effect is more obvious as the liner is made thicker. This type is popular amongst ladies who put on heavier make-up and are looking to replace their eyeliner makeup routine



FAQs For Eyeliner Embroidery

Eyeliner Embroidery is a semi-permanent treatment that implants pigment along your top lash lines. This helps fill in the lashes to create an illusion of thicker, darker and fuller lashes.

Dreamlash uses numbing cream to ensure comfort for the clients, the numbing cream will help to keep the pain level at a manageable level.

Dreamlash provides two style of Eyeliner Embroidery: Natural and Classic

Most people are suitable for Eyeliner Embroidery. Whether you have oily skin, dry skin or sensitive skin, you should still be eligible for Eyeliner Embroidery.

The whole process will take about 2 hours to complete (including numbing time and consultation)

There will be a slight swelling which will be gone within 2 days. It takes around 7-10 days for the scabs to come off and heal completely. Regularly cleaning of the eyelid area is required.

During the first few days, you may experience some swelling, bruising and itching around the eyes. If your eyeliners are kept clean and dry, then a thin film (similar to sunburn peel, not a scab) will appear. The film will peel off by itself after 5-7 days. Do not scratch or peel, let the area heal naturally for the best result.

  • Avoid looking directly to the sun as the eyes will be sensitive and swollen 

  • Avoid getting the area wet. Keep them dry for 3-5 days

  • Do not use ointment or lotion around your eye area

  • Do not apply eyeliner or eye care products for at least 10 days after Eyeliner Embroidery treatment.

  • Do not touch, pick or peel of the scabs 

  • Eye drops can be used to clean or moist the eye area