Korean Classic
Eyelash Extensions

What are they?

Dreamlash Korean Classic Eyelash Extensions is done using the lash by lash technique where 1 strand of synthetic eyelash is placed on 1 strand of your natural eyelash. We ensure every strand of lash is placed away from the lash line with a safe distance so that you will feel absolutely comfortable wearing it. You can also expect a light to medium eyeliner effect with these lashes on, depending on the type of lash you choose. Eyelash Extensions done by our lash artists typically lasts 4-6 weeks at least.

Range of lashes

From the classic range, you can choose from our Signature Diamond Silk Lashes that gives you a enhanced look, our Black Angel lashes that gives you a darker & more intense look, or our Velvet Mink lashes that has a matte and soft finish that resembles your very own lashes.

Korean Classic Eyelash | Dreamlash

Customised to your preference

Choose the style you like from a natural everyday look or a party-night glamorous look. These lashes can also be customized to your liking with the thickness, curls, lengths and design that will best fit your preference and lifestyle.

Korean Classic Eyelash | Dreamlash
Korean Classic Eyelash | Dreamlash

Eyelash consultation

It might seem like a lot decisions to be made but no worries, Dreamlash lash artists are professionally trained to listen and understand your expectations. Every set of eyelashes are customized fully for our customers and that is why we have the largest range of eyelashes you can find in any eyelash studio in Singapore.

Price: from $98


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