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Lashes & Design

Lashes & Design

Only The Very Best For You

Classic Natural

At 50-60 strands per eye, it is suitable for customers who prefer to wear light makeup. Has a light mascara effect.

Classic Elegant

At 60-80 strands per eye, this is the most popular with our fans with its mascara and light eyeliner effect.

Classic Glamorous

At 80-120 strands, this gives a good volume to the lashes and yet having a weightless feeling.

Magic Volume Flutter

Light and soft flutters with 300 strands of extremely soft lashes per eye.

Magic Volume Fluffy

Achieve some intense volumnious fluffs with 600 strands of lashes per eye.

Magic Volume Full Bloom

Achieve extreme volume with 1000 strands of lashes per eye. An eye opening experience.

Customizing The Perfect Lash Design

커스터마이징 속눈썹

Dreamlash Korea pride itself to be the leading eyelash studio in Singapore to provide premium Korean eyelash extension services to our clients. Our clients like you, are the reason why we are constantly exploring new techniques to make your experience with us better with every visit. Join our journey! Trust us to create that perfect dream lashes for you!

  • Length

  • 7mm

  • 8mm

  • 9mm

  • 10mm

  • 11mm

  • 12mm

  • 13mm

  • 14mm

  • 15mm

  • Curl

  • A

  • A+

  • B

  • B+

  • C

  • C+

  • Thickness

  • 0.06mm

  • 0.07mm

  • 0.10mm

  • 0.12mm

  • 0.15mm

  • 0.18mm

Exclusive Design For You

당신만을 위한 특별한 디자인

Dreamlash Korea’s lash artists will help you find the best design, which will be the most suitable and also best complement your eyes other than enhancing the look. Furthermore, we are also specialized in “correction techniques” for various types of eye shape such as down-turned eyes.

Move your mouse over each eye to see the lash design






Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Lashes
How long can eyelash extension last?

It can last about 4 to 5 weeks, some even longer depending on individual lifestyle and after care. Regular combing will prevent tangle of lash and create long lasting result.

Will the eyelash extension cause my real lash to shed?

No, eyelash hairs grow in a cycle that includes three phases: Growing, Resting and Shedding. It will cycle out itself every 30 to 60 days. It is normal to see lash extensions fall off together with natural lash when they shed because we attached lash fibres on it and we use high quality medical grade glue so that lash will not peel-off from natural lash and drop.

How often do I need a touch up?

Usually after about 3 to 4 weeks unless necessary. It can be earlier due to special reasons such as being under the hot weather very often or swimmers.

How long does it take for eyelash extensions?

For Classic Korean Eyelash Extensions, it will take around 1 and a half hour and Magic Volume Eyelash Extensions will take around 2 hours including consultation.

+ Touch up session will take 30mins averagely.

Can I apply Mascara and eyeliner?

No. It is not needed when you have eyelash extension because your eye will be more beautiful than with Mascara applied on. It is also difficult for removal after Mascara is applied. Any other eye makeup (eg. Eye shadow or eyeliner) can be applied and wiped with cotton and eye makeup removal.

Can eyelash extension be applied on lower lash?

Yes, but it can only lash about 2 to 3 weeks because it tends to rub against upper eyelids.

Can I still wash my face regularly after doing the extensions?

With Dreamlash Eyelash Extension, you may wash your face as usual and continue with your daily lifestyle (eg. Swimming, Sauna or any exercises), because Dreamlash Eyelash Extension is Waterproof, Oil Proof, and Sweat Proof.

Does eyelash extension hurt?

Our eyelash extension techniques won’t touch your skin. And it’s very soft and light. So, you will almost feel nothing. We have an alternative choice of glue for clients who has sensitive eyes, too.

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