Nano Eyelash

What is it?

Not born with naturally long and thick lashes? This natural eyelash regrowth treatment rejuvenates your natural lashes to have them growing to be longer, thicken and darker like as if you were born with it. Using natural plant protein ampoule, your lash follicles will be stimulated with a nano needling machine while we infuse the lash ampoule into it. The process is totally pain-free and you can resume your activity immediately after.

How long to see results?

You can expect to see results within 3-4 weeks after the first treatment. You will be delighted to observe short baby lashes growing on the sparse area of your lashes and your original lashes will be grow to be longer, darker and stronger. If you have very sparse, brittle or short lashes, you are advise to continue this treatment twice a month for 3 months or until you are satisfied. Meanwhile, you can apply eyelashes extensions as usual if you wish to (but only using the correct lash application!)

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How is it different from lash growth serum?

Lash growth serum are used to maintain the lashes after the Natural Eyelash Regrowth treatment. This regrowth treatment treats the lash follicles therefore you can expect your natural lashes to grow healthily even after you complete the course of treatment while lash growth serums only stimulates your natural lashes to grow in length. Do note that some lash growth serums sold in the mass market are also known to cause the eyes to be reddish after application.


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