Nano lash regrowth treatment

How to make my natural lashes longer and fuller naturally?

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Have you ever felt like you wished your lashes were longer and fuller without the need for eyelash extensions in Singapore? It’s true that nowadays there are many makeup products that help to make your eyelashes look longer using mascara and curling tools, or with the help of wispy long falsies. How about a method that can boost your lashes longer and thicker?

The answer is yes. There are many ways to boost your lashes to make them grow longer and thicker. One of which is natural remedies such as using natural oil (coconut oil or castor oil), using Vitamin E oil, massaging eyelids regularly, and having a balanced and healthy diet. Keep in mind that at-home natural methods do not always guarantee the results, it also depends on the individual’s discipline and consistency. If you cannot commit to such tasks every day, consider Nano Lash Regrowth, one of the latest stem cell treatments that have been approved by lash lovers.

What is Nano Lash Regrowth?

Nano Lash Regrowth is a natural eyelash stimulation treatment that stimulates your lash follicles to boost your natural lashes to be longer, thicker and darker. By using a natural plant-based stem cell ampoule, your lash follicles will be treated with a micro-needling technique while the stem cell keratin lash ampoule is infused into it. The process is totally pain-free and you can resume your activity immediately after.

How does Nano Lash Regrowth work?

Firstly, the lash artist will apply the stem cells growth concentrate on your lash line. The growth concentrate consists of a mixture of plant stem cells, peptides and polypeptides that aids in lash growth functions. Thereafter, microneedling will be applied to stimulate the lash roots to remove the dead cells and to unblock clogged follicles. With the help of micro-needles, the eyelash growth ampoules penetrate deep into your lash follicles to stimulate your lashes to grow. This process triggers natural and healthy lash growth, strengthening the eyelash hair roots and preventing natural lashes from falling off easily. You will enjoy longer and thicker lashes with no pain, no downtime, no redness, puffiness or side effects. Expect the whole process to take about 30 minutes by a professional.

After the procedure, you will be given a lash regrowth ampoule kit to apply at home. It is recommended to apply the ampoule day and night so that your natural lashes will be nourished daily.

Nano Eyelash Regrowth Steps

How long can you see the result? How long does it last?

You will be delighted to observe short baby lashes growing on the sparse area of your lashes and your original lashes will grow to be longer, darker and stronger. Expect to see results within 3-4 weeks after the first treatment. Your lashes can grow up to 8-12mm! Now who wouldn’t want naturally long and fluttery lashes?

Here is the timeline to see the full result from the first session:

– Start activating and stimulating eyelash follicles

– 7 – 15 days your lash follicles will condition themselves and prepare to grow

– 3 – 4 weeks new fine eyelashes will start to grow out, might be visible to see

– 4 – 8 weeks, your lashes will become thicker and darker

– 8 – 12 weeks days onwards, you will have fuller, thicker, darker and longer lashes as a results

Depending on individual lash health, it is recommended to continue the treatment every 2-4 weeks for 3-6 sessions. The results will be able to last a minimum of 6 months according to our natural eyelash growth cycle. Meanwhile, you can apply eyelash extensions in Singapore or put on eyelash makeup as usual if you wish to.

What is the difference between Nano Eyelash Regrowth & Lash Regrowth Serum?

Lash growth serums can be used to maintain the lashes after you complete the Nano Eyelash Regrowth treatment. This eyelash regrowth treatment treats the lash follicles therefore you can expect your natural lashes to grow healthily even after you complete the course of treatment while lash growth serums only stimulate your natural lashes to grow in length.

Do note that the majority of the lash growth serums sold in the mass market contain growth hormones prostaglandins that may possibly cause side effects such as iris discoloration in some users.

How much does Nano Lash Regrowth treatment cost?

Nano Lash Regrowth treatment costs around $180 – $280 for one session. If you have very sparse, brittle or short lashes, you are advised to continue this treatment twice a month for 2 to 3 months or until you are satisfied with the results.

Are there any aftercare tips?

There is minimal aftercare to this treatment. You just have to avoid applying mascara and eyeliner to your lash line area and keep them clean. By doing so, you can achieve fuller, thicker, longer and darker-looking lashes.

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