How to Grow Eyelashes With 5 Hacks

There is a saying that “long lashes are a sign of good health and beauty”, and many women, in general, love to have healthy and beautiful appearances.

There are various short-term options to make eyelashes look longer and fuller, for example, strip eyelashes, mascara, etc.

You can also opt for eyelash extensions in Singapore for a longer option.

However, these are only temporary options that might potentially cause some side effects.  If you would like to have natural and healthy long lashes permanently, learning how to grow eyelashes is the best way that will give you longer and fuller-looking lashes.

Here are 5 lash hacks you can try at home to grow your eyelashes and so they will be ready for those #iwokeuplikethis selfies!

  1. Use Castor Oil or Coconut Oil

    Grow Eyelashes Use castor Oil

    Castor Oil contains 90% of ricinoleic acid – an ingredient that has shown potential in preventing hair loss. Unsurprisingly, castor oil is a common ingredient that is used in most popular eyelash serums.

    Pros: This component helps to moisturize and maintain your lashes thickness, making them look fuller and lusher.

    Cons: It is recommended that you should consult a dermatologist before trying castor oil as some case studies show that castor oil may result in extreme dryness for the hair.

    Grow Eyelashes Use Coconut Oil

    Virgin or organic coconut oil can be a better natural-friendly alternative for your lashes. Undoubtedly, coconut oil has become a staple for many beauty and health products due to its extensive benefits.

    Pros: Coconut oil contains fatty acid, mainly lauric acid, which appears to prevent your hair from protein loss due to its rapid penetrating effects. Coconut oil also creates a layer of protection, preventing your lashes from bacterias. Hence, it helps to strengthen your eyelashes and aids their regrowth.

    Cons: Coconut oil may cause discomfort as it leaves an oily film on your lashes that weighs them down.

  2. Apply Vitamin E oil

    Vitamin E has long been used by many celebrities and beauty bloggers. It is no doubt that pure vitamin E contains numerous components that can be beneficial for your lashes

    Pros: Vitamin E oil helps reduce the oxidative damage that contributes to hair loss. It has been promoted as an ingredient that can moisturize and strengthen the eyelashes. Not to mention that this oil is very affordable and can be used for your hair and skin.

    Cons: None

  3. Try an Eyelash Growth Serum

    Another great way to enhance your eyelash length is trying an eyelash growth serum.

    Pros: It is really effective in boosting the length of your eyelashes. You will likely experience the growth after a few weeks of use (with over-the-counter eyelash growth serum such as Revitalash).

    Cons: There are a few potential side effects that come with eyelash growth serums, such as itchy eyes, eye swelling, darker eyelid and irritation. If you experience any of these side effects, consult a doctor immediately to rule out the possibility of eye infections.

  4. Massage Eyelid

    Massaging your eyelid area not only helps relieve stress but also boosts your eyelash growth faster.

    Pros: As massaging your eyelid can stimulate the blood flow around the eye areas, causing them to become more active. Hence, making your lashes grow stronger and faster. Gently massage your eyelid in circular motions. For a better result, you should massage for 5 to 10 minutes daily.

    Cons: None

  5. Healthy Diet and Lifestyle

    Grow Eyelashes Healthy Diet And Lifestyle

    Source: Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash

    It is clear that a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle bring out tremendous benefits. It not only contributes to the growth of eyelashes but also maintains your body’s health in general. Following an overall healthy diet (add more lean protein like meat, tofu, etc. vegetables, and all kinds of vitamins) you can see the results on your skin, nails, hair, and eyelashes. Remember that you are what you eat, so start planning a healthy and balanced diet now.


We hope that these 5 hacks about how to grow eyelashes will be a great help to you. Besides giving you advice on growing your eyelashes, we provide professional eyelash extension services. Our lash artists are trained at The Lash Academy and certified by the Korean Eyelash Association (KELA). Rest assured that we use eyelash extension techniques that will protect your natural lashes from premature falling. Do feel free to contact us if you would like to get your lashes done.