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A Strive For Perfection
Korean Classic Eyelash Extensions

Korean Classic Eyelash Extensions

클래식 한국 속눈썹 연장

It is suitable for very light make-up and for first-timers. You will feel like it’s your own lash.

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Magic Volume Extensions

매직 볼륨 속눈썹 연장

It is great for fake and strip lash lover. Because this design has intense volume and instantly brighten your eyes – awakening feel. Yet, it’s surprisingly weightless. Plus, no harm on your natural lashes! This design is good for sleepy eyes too.

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Magic Volume Extensions
Lash Lift and Tint

Lash Lift and Tint

래쉬 리프트 및 색조

Look Au Naturel with your lashes naturally curled and tinted. This treatment is best for ladies who wish for a fuss free beauty routine.

Nano Eyelash Regrowth Procedure

나노 속눈썹 생장술

The most effective way to regrow lashes naturally using stem-cell ampoule. It is great to do between eyelash extensions to have thicker, fuller natural lashes. We especially recommend this to customers who have been doing cluster lashes for a long time.

Nano Eyelash Regrowth Procedure
Asian Eyelid Megalift

Asian Eyelid Megalift

아시아 눈꺼풀 리프팅

Do you have single eyelids? See your eyes transform from single to double eyelids using patented eyelid lifting extensions techniques. Dreamlash is the first in Singapore to introduce this technique and all extension procedures are performed by Ms Rachel Lye, the one and only authorized Asian Eyelid Lifting trainer in Singapore.

Semi Permanent Make-up

반 영구 화장

Sleep in another 15 minutes every morning? Eyebrow and Eyeliner Embroidery is the next best thing to do apart from eyelash extensions to keep your make up routine to the minimum. Natural looking eyebrows and eyeliner are created using natural plant pigments that does not turns red or blue overtime. Did we mention that the process is painless too?

Semi Permanent Make-up


What People Are Saying

  • No Pain Or Discomfort Through Whole Process

    “​‌Vinns is one of the most friendly and helpful person I've come across so far!! I wouldn't go anywhere else only because Vinns makes me feel really comfortable! There is no pain or discomfort throughout the entire process. My lash extensions usually last for about 3-4 weeks, even though i have quite oily lids. I also try to ensure that any eyelid products, including my eyeliner, eyeshadow primer and eyelash serum, have no oil contents. :)”​

    Chua Xin Yi
  • Helpful And Reassuring

    “​‌I had my first extension experience with another shop before Dreamlash and it was not a pleasant one. I was not given proper advice to care for the lashes.
I remembered it was Vinns whom I first met & did my extension at Dreamlash. She made me feel so welcome. She was very helpful & reassuring. She deserves to be commended as she allays my fear & uneasiness. 
I also had the privilege of having Rachel do my extensions. She is so patient, pleasant & kind that I always look forward to my visit there. She's always giving me her honest opinion & advice which I believe is important in choosing the right length & thickness of extensions that suits me. I know she puts in more than 100% of her attention when I'm under her care. I'm always so confident & comfortable with her skills that I find myself fallin asleep right there, says a lot about her awesome skills.
I will continue to recommend my friends to Dreamlash for their great service & friendliness. The staffs are always smiling & helpful. This is what I call great service...keep up the good job ladies...”​

    Sharon Foo
  • The Place To Go To For Lash Extensions

    “​‌This is THE lash extension place to go to! My stylist Eunice is very patient and gentle. She knows what I like and frequently suggests new lash extension styles to explore eg. coloured lashes and diamond lash extensions. So I don't just look good but it's fun! Most importantly, love the Korean products used. I have been trying lash extensions since my flying days over a decade ago and I've never been to a salon without coming out with infection and itch on my eyes for days. With Dreamlash, I don't even feel any discomfort and the Revitalash conditioner works wonders in keeping my natural lashes plentiful and lengthy too! Thank you Dreamlash for a great experience!”​

    Eve Choo
  • The Lashes I have been Dreaming of

    “​‌DreamLash... indeed from DreamLash I can have the lashes I have been dreaming for. All this should credit to my lovely skilful Therapist - ** Winnie ** for always deliver an impressive art work! Keep up the good work and sincerely appreciate your advise + recommendation at all time. You are my favourite!! (~.<)*”​

    Ivyin Kam
  • High Quality Products and Impeccable Skills

    “​‌Been doing lash extension at Dreamlash for over 2 years and they have become the only eyelash extension studio i entrust my natural lashes to. Their high-quality products and impeccable skills of the staff are highly commendable! Look for Eunice who's always dependable for making my lashes looking beautiful and lasting :)”​

    Jovie Tan
  • Friendly and Sincere Service

    “​‌I had followed Vinns about 2 years plus as a package holder, im very happy with her service and we always chit chat non-stop just like a best friend conversation, and also never hard sales, this make me feel very comfortable while during the treatment~ Dreamlash staff is very friendly and sincere, every time when I entered the shop they always welcoming me with a sweet smile, this is the most important as a service line~ As a Beauty Aesthetician, im highly recommended Dreamlash because their service and products is valuable and worth it with the price~ I definitely will stay longer as their regular customer :) Great Job Girls”​

    Michelle Chew
  • Friendly and Sincere Service

    “​‌Love the new 6D lashes I tried out at Dreamlash. It's by far the lightest lashes I've tried on, and yet gives enough volume and curl. Thank you Vinns for introducing it to me. And she's also the lash stylist there that understands my sensitive eyes condition. She's gentle and understanding, and it's the only lash salon that will help me apply eye drops at the end of their service. Really appreciate the additional steps that she goes out of the way to make her customers feel comfortable”​

    Mabelline Tan
  • My Number 1 Choice

    “​‌I have been doing lash extension for almost a decade, tried so many places and my no 1 choice is @dreamlashkorea! They have so many different type of lashes, I loved the coloured lashes which instantly brighten up one's look. Best of all is the package allow you to choose all the different type of lashes without extra cost. Highly recommend Rachel's service as her skill is top notch! She is gentle yet quick and the lashes last so much longer. She always knows my preference and doll her up so nicely. They only used top quality lashes and glue which are not harmful to your skin and there is no uncomfortable feeling or terrible smell. I have finally found my permanent lash extension place!”​

    Teresa Tong
  • Professional Service

    “​‌Rachel is very professional and she is a nice person. Good job and always taking care well my lashes”​

    Serine Chiam
  • Good Quality with Reasonable Prices

    “​‌Went to different lash extensions shop before i went to Dreamlash. After I tried, dream lash quality is way much more better than other shops. The lashes looking pretty and last for long periods than other shops. Price really reasonable, and the staffs there really friendly. It was a good experience there.”​


Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Lashes
How long can eyelash extension last?

It can last about 4 to 5 weeks, some even longer depending on individual lifestyle and after care. Regular combing will prevent tangle of lash and create long lasting result.

Will the eyelash extension cause my real lash to shed?

No, eyelash hairs grow in a cycle that includes three phases: Growing, Resting and Shedding. It will cycle out itself every 30 to 60 days. It is normal to see lash extensions fall off together with natural lash when they shed because we attached lash fibres on it and we use high quality medical grade glue so that lash will not peel-off from natural lash and drop.

How often do I need a touch up?

Usually after about 3 to 4 weeks unless necessary. It can be earlier due to special reasons such as being under the hot weather very often or swimmers.

How long does it take for eyelash extensions?

For Classic Korean Eyelash Extensions, it will take around 1 and a half hour and Magic Volume Eyelash Extensions will take around 2 hours including consultation.

+ Touch up session will take 30mins averagely.

Can I apply Mascara and eyeliner?

No. It is not needed when you have eyelash extension because your eye will be more beautiful than with Mascara applied on. It is also difficult for removal after Mascara is applied. Any other eye makeup (eg. Eye shadow or eyeliner) can be applied and wiped with cotton and eye makeup removal.

Can eyelash extension be applied on lower lash?

Yes, but it can only lash about 2 to 3 weeks because it tends to rub against upper eyelids.

Can I still wash my face regularly after doing the extensions?

With Dreamlash Eyelash Extension, you may wash your face as usual and continue with your daily lifestyle (eg. Swimming, Sauna or any exercises), because Dreamlash Eyelash Extension is Waterproof, Oil Proof, and Sweat Proof.

Does eyelash extension hurt?

Our eyelash extension techniques won’t touch your skin. And it’s very soft and light. So, you will almost feel nothing. We have an alternative choice of glue for clients who has sensitive eyes, too.

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