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Customizing Perfect Lash Design For Each Of You

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Customizing Perfect Eyelash Extension Design For Each Of You

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We know how to enhance your natural beauty. We know how to cover your weakness. Dreamlash Korea can create customized lash designs for you. We have solutions for every eye shape! We never stop to find a way to get better products and techniques for our customers. Join our journey to find the ultimate eyelash extensions design for you.

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Various Choices —
You Name It

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Our assorted lashes give you various choices – from natural mink to glitter lash. Plus, well-trained Dreamlash Korea's lash designers!

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What people are Saying

I have been going to Dreamlash for almost 6 years and I am always satisfied with my lashes. My favourite style is Magic Volume and with a session of touch-up, my eyelash extensions can last me for 2 months. The glue Dreamlash use does not sting, the extensions feel barely there, and most importantly, my natural eyelashes are still intact. The service staff are experienced and professional, I always feel welcomed at Dreamlash.

Jessica Tham @tippytapp
Jessica Tham

I've been with Dreamlash for few years, back when they only had 1 outlet and now they have 3! I usually look for Shin Yi - from Compass One outlet because she knows my requirements very well and she is meticulous, but I've also had pleasant experiences with the other ladies. The team has been professional in their craft. Most importantly, the lashes used are of good quality so I've never had any issue with my eyes after the lash extensions. I trust them with my lashes!

Shine Koh @_shinekoh
Shine Koh

I have been with Dreamlash Korea for 4 months now and from the first visit I’m with Eunice. She has never failed to listen to my wants and never failed to provide an amazing service. Ever since I have known of Dreamlash Korea and Eunice, I’ve never stepped into any other eyelash salon. Dreamlash eyelashes are premium and lasting (I workout 7 days a week!) And I just love how my eyes look everyday ever since. Thanks so much! 

Dana Safia @danasafiaofficial
Joanna Tan

I am really satisfied with my lashes done at Dreamlash! Not only are they super comfortable, but they also look very natural and defined. Vicky was also very helpful and patient in clarifying any doubts I had about the procedure. I would definitely recommend Dreamlash to my family and friends!

Nicole Low @Nicolekittykatx
Nicole Low

I am a loyal customer of Dreamlash for 6 years and still counting.  Before that I had a very bad experience with other lash beauty salons until I came across Dreamlash.  It makes you feel at home. The staff are polite and gentle. I always like how my lash artist Rachel does my lashes, she is so meticulous and skilled.  On top of that, she is also very thoughtful to all her customers.

Ang Geck Geck @anggeckgeck
Ang Geck Geck

Just wanna say thank you Rachel and your team for taking care of my lashes for the last over 4 years. Lashes done by you guys has always received a lot of praises and enquiries from colleagues and friends. You guys really know how to complement our faces with the right lashes! Keep up the great work and thank you for saving me sooo much mascara and making me look decent for all occasions.

Elizabeth Lee @elizabeth_eel
Elizabeth Lee

I’ve been a customer of Dreamlash for several years now, I trust Ms. Rachel the expert lash director to decide which lashes are suitable for me and she is always on point! A very relaxing place to catch a quick snooze and wake up with beautiful long lashed peepers. Thank you Dreamlash for keeping the highest standard in the market for eyelash extensions.

Valandra Sutanto

Dreamlash definitely is my all-time-favourite lashes extension parlour. Been with them for more than 3 years and they never failed to give me satisfied results. Guess I'm just too used to their comfortable and pretty lashes, especially the Speedy Volume Lash! In just 50mins, I got myself a pair of pretty eyes, and most importantly, their lashes are really long lasting. Awesome skill work, and patient service staff!

Jovin @Jovinyxy

Did my eyelash extensions with Dreamlash Korea & I am very happy to say that the experience was a 10/10!! My stylist is so meticulous & is very gentle with my eyes. She is very careful with every small detail such as contact lens eye drops and ensuring I am comfortable. The ambience is also cosy.

I have pretty sensitive eyes but every time I do my extensions with them, I’ve never felt any discomfort plus my lashes last so long! Dreamlash eyelash extensions are very light & lasting as if it’s your own lash. Now I can’t live without eyelash extensions. Thank you Dreamlash for making my experience so pleasant Highly recommended!!

Joey Phang
Joey Phang

I have been visiting Dreamlash Korea for almost 2yrs+ because of its ambience, cleanliness and efficiency of the staff. My therapist, Vicky Chew, is the best! ? She is always smiley & very friendly-approachable. Her skills are so good that I always fall asleep during the session because I never feel anything at all. ?? The quality of the eyelashes are the best – I’m using black angel lashes - and they are so natural to me that people always think they are real. ? even with my rough handling of the eyelashes, my eyelashes usually can last me about 3-4weeks without a touch up. The services are of the premium side but it is definitely worth it because of the cleanliness, quality & trust that I put in them. ?

Thank you for making me more confident with the lashes, even without make-up.

Joanna Tan
Dana Safia

I've always had super sensitive and watery pair of eyes that no eyelashes extension I'd tried before ever lasted more than a week on me until I gave my last attempt with Dreamlash and I was blown away from the fact that I could actually have eyelashes extension that lasted 3 weeks on me! It's like a dream come true! and for that I'm sticking to Dreamlash for quite a long while!

Charlotte Devon
Charlotte Devon

I started doing lash extensions since 2013. At first I was Skeptical and I was worried about losing all my original lashes. However, once I tired my first set of lashes with Dreamlash, the rest was history. All my fears and concerns were uncalled for. I always receive positive comments from people around me about my natural sweet looking lashes. Of course, I will point them to the right place. Thanks to Dreamlash, I get my dreamlike lashes. I need minimal make up and I am good to go. The lashes are very lasting too. For me, even though I am quite careless with them, they usually last me a good three to four weeks. My lash artist is really skillful. She is hygienic and meticulous when doing lashes for me. Each visit to Dreamlash, I am always guaranteed consistent service from my artist. I like the ambience of the studio. I feel like I have been transported to Korea! I hope to continue my lash journey with Dreamlash and they will continue to provide superb world class service to all their customers. 


Once bitten twice shy. A bad experience in some random beauty salon left me with almost bald eyelashes made me realize the great difference in service and quality different beauty salon can offer! Shinyi at Dreamlash Compass One is gentle, patient and has great skills to make me feel like I am in good hands! Have been walking out feeling pretty and confident after each treatment. Thumbs up!

Agnes Teo

My name is Sara May  I'm a personal trainer and fitness instructor, I have been with Dreamlash Korea two years now and they have the best eyelash extensionsI have tried. They are super light, they never irritated my eyes and I look fresh from morning to night. I have 6:00am client every day and trust me when you need to wake up everyday at 5:00am, every single minute counts. I'm vain and I like to look good even though I need to wear sports clothes as part of my uniform in the gym so I'm glad that I don't need makeup anymore and I still look good all day long ever since I'm with Dreamlash Korea. Their locations are convenient and their facilities are always clean and tidy. The girls at Dreamlash are super gentle and I always fall asleep during the session. You must try this place and let me know how you are feeling with more minutes of sleep in the morning and looking great everyday. 

Sara May @saramayfit
Sara May

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