5 Reasons Why You Should Try LED Lash Extensions

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The world of beauty and cosmetics is constantly evolving, and one of its latest innovations making waves is the LED Eyelash Extensions. This cutting-edge approach to eyelash extensions not only promises stunning results, but also prioritises the health and comfort of the users of Eyelash Extensions.

What is LED Lash Extension?

Engineered through the collaboration of visionary scientists and engineers harnessing the potential of LED light technology, the LED Lash Extensions is redefining the world of eyelash extensions. This groundbreaking technique revolutionises lash extensions by employing LED visible light to cure a special type of gel adhesive made specially for the extensions.


Let’s look at the 5 benefits of LED Lash Extensions that change the way you look at Eyelash Extensions.


1. Prioritising Health and Comfort

Traditional lash extension methods often come with discomfort and potential health concerns. Clients may face issues like redness, irritation, or allergic reactions from material used in the cyanoacrylate based adhesive. LED lash extensions present a safer and more comfortable alternative with the specially formulated LED glue that promises much shorter exposure to cyanoacrylate. This purpose aims to minimise risks, ensuring a pleasant and safe lash extension experience.


2. Instant Curing Magic

Say goodbye to the time-consuming ordeal of waiting for lash glue to dry. LED glue has a remarkable advantage – it instantly cures under the LED light. This means that your eyelash extensions are fully dry immediately after the procedure, eliminating worries of stinging feeling or any post-treatment discomfort. The convenience of instant results brings a refreshing change, allowing you to confidently flaunt your enhanced lashes without having to wait for it to set.


3. Longevity & Fewer Touch-Ups

The benefits of LED lash extensions extend beyond just immediate satisfaction. The shorter exposure time to LED light, combined with reduced glue consumption, results in longer-lasting eyelash extensions that require fewer touch-ups. The LED gel polymerization process forms a flexible and robust bond, ensuring your lashes not only look fabulous but also withstand the test of time, keeping you camera-ready for an extended period.


4. Unaffected Elegance:

Weather fluctuations need no longer affect your lash game. The LED Lash Extensions stand resilient against varying temperatures and humidity levels, especially here in Singapore. This stability guarantees consistent and dependable outcomes, regardless of external conditions. With minimal odours and much lesser fumes, you can revel in the beauty of your lashes without worrying about redness or irritation.


5. Lasting Comfort:

Say goodbye to stiff and uncomfortable lashes. Thanks to LED gel polymerization, a supple and enduring bond is established, allowing your extensions to seamlessly blend with your natural lashes. This perfect bond guarantees enduring comfort, enabling you to delight in heightened allure with each and every flutter.


In a rapidly evolving beauty landscape, LED lash extensions offer a glimpse of how innovation and well-being can work together to enhance your appearance and overall experience. It’s time to say hello to the future of beauty with LED lash extensions!




Why choose Dreamlash for your first LED Lash Experience?

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