Lash & Brow Lift

What is it?

You may have heard about lash lift but have you heard of Korean Silk Perm? Korean Silk Perm is the improved version of the usual lash lift which can create a neater upward lift effect with longer lasting curls on your natural lashes. The treatment enhances the health of your natural lashes by infusing them up with lash growing plant-based proteins as well as to give them a lift boost! To ensure the lift stays, We use a keratin based lotion to set the shape of your lashes. You can also choose how lifted you want your lashes to be with  different curl types and we will do it just for you.

How is the procedure like?

Korean Silk Perm treatment is a procedure where your natural lashes are lifted up to create a ‘bright-eyed’ effect. Generally, the process for a Lash Lift boils down to these 3 essential steps:

Step 1: Your eyes will first be cleansed well and then your natural eyelashes will be gently combed onto the selected silicon pad placed on your upper eyelids.

Step 2: Once your lashes are positioned correctly on the silicon pad, a keratin-infused lotion is applied to your lashes for about 10-15 minutes. After 10 – 15 minutes, it will be followed by a setting lotion to set your curled eyelashes in shape.

Step 3: After the setting of your lashes is done, you can opt to have a lash tint to give your eyelashes a darker shade of black. The tint will take another 10 minutes.

Step 4: The treatment ends with the option of a Clinic Lash Botox treatment that prevents your natural lashes from getting frizzy. It moisturizes your lashes and strengthening it at the same time! Your lashes will also be coated with a layer of leave-on nourishing serum for a more defined result.

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lash lift

Who is it for?

Do you have stubborn, straight or downward pointing lashes? Do you prefer a fuss-free lash care routine? If you are, doing a Korean Silk Perm is definitely the one to go for.

Price: $128

Korean Silk Perm

Korean Silk Perm is the perfect treatment for those who want their natural lashes to appear longer, darker and curlier with an upward lift. This revolutionary upward lash treatment includes a clinic lash botox that fully moisturizes your lashes to avoid any form of damage to your natural lashes. Did we mention that this is also a glueless method? In traditional lash lift, glue is used to apply the curling rods to your skin, and again applied over your lashes to adhere them to the rods. In Korean Silk Perm technique, the use of lash glue is fully omitted to achieve 100% comfort and 0% irritation.

Korean Silk Perm

Korean Silk Perm is suitable for: all types of lashes and eye shapes

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Brow Lift

Brow Lift is a temporary eyebrow treatment that restructures the direction of your brow hair using a gentle perm solution. The treatment which can last 4-6 weeks is intended to make the hair of your eyebrow arch obedient, soft, silky and nourished. This will redirect your brow hairs upwards to create an appearance of fuller and thicker eyebrows.

Dreamlash only uses the highest quality brow lamination products from Inlei Italy.

Experience the ultimate in brow perfection with Inlei’s Brow Bomber. This nourishing and conditioning treatment will give you perfectly lifted and defined brows without any of the irritation and damages often associated with harsh chemical treatments.

Before and after Brow Lamination


FAQ Lash Lift & Brow Lami

The entire Korean Silk Perm process will takes about 60-75 minutes including a personal consultation for our lash artists to understand more about your requirements. You can also opt in for a Lash Tint service to darken the tone of your natural lashes which can enhance the overall look.

Not at all! It is a totally painless and non-invasive procedure. You can relax and take a relaxing nap during your 60 minutes treatment.

No. Korean Silk Perm maintains the health of your natural lashes, by using plant-based proteins as well as keratin-based Lash Lift lotion that are completely safe for your eyelash. You may use Eyelash Serum/ Lash Lift Nourishing Serum to further strengthen your lash health.

Korean Silk Perm will not damage your natural lash. There are few reasons why other people’s lashes experience negative results:

  • They have not done thorough research on the lash salon they chose to do their Lash Lift. It is advised to read more reviews from past customers, and do research on the brand website/ social media to determine the salon’s reliability.
  • The salon used lower-quality Lash Lift products that might contain overly harsh chemicals.
  • The lash artists are not certified and not well-trained with insufficient experience.

Korean Silk Perm give you an attractive, brighter, and wide-eyed look even without Eyelash Extensions. It can last for up to 6 - 8 weeks. There is no need for any touch-up or maintenance appointment in between treatments. You can repeat the treatment after 4-6 weeks from your initial procedure.

Yes you can. Make up can be applied immediately after Korean Silk Perm.

There is literally no aftercare for your lashes after Korean Silk Perm treatment.

We apply a layer of nourishing lash coating over your lashes at the end of the treatment so you may just keep your lashes away from water to avoid rinsing off the serum.

You can keep in mind the following aftercare tips for your brow lift treatment:

1) Avoid getting your eyebrows wet for 24 hours

2) Avoid direct contact with sunlight, sauna, steamroom and heat/water-based activities

3) Avoid excessive touching or rubbing of the eyebrow area

4) Apply the brow butter daily to nourish and maintain your eyebrows