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Eyelash Extensions

What is Magic Volume?

Do you know that dreamlash is the first in Singapore to bring in volume eyelash extensions technique even before it became popular? Magic Volume bring together the Russian Volume Technique with Korean ultra soft lashes to create fluffy & voluminous effect lashes for you. Using the Magic Volume technique, our lash artist handmade lashes as thin as 0.03mm into a fan shape and place them meticulously onto your natural eyelashes.

Are you suitable?

Magic Volume Eyelash Extensions is great for you if you have very sparse or thin lashes but yet prefer a fuller coverage of of lashes over your eyes. However, do not misinterpret it as being dramatic. Because the lashes used are ultra soft, and we can customized the fullness of the lash coverage, the versatility of Magic Volume lashes can create natural looking effect as well as full mega volume intense effects.

Magic Volume Eyelash | Dreamlash

Customised to your preference

For Magic Volume Eyelash Extensions, you can also select the style, curl, length, thickness and design that you most desire. For this technique, we can also create the latest Kim K (named after Kim Kardashian) Wispy eyelash effect if you like! It might seemed a lot decisions to be made but no worries, dreamlash lash artists are professionally trained to listen and understand your expectations. Every set of eyelashes are customized fully for our customers and that is why we have the largest range of eyelashes you can find in any eyelash studio in Singapore.

Price: from $228


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