Make Up

What is it?

Apart from eyelash extensions, semi-permanent make up like eyebrow embroidery and eyeliner embroidery services are latest beauty hacks that help us to save lots of make-up every morning. Did I mention additional sleep in time? Dreamlash uses plant based organic pigments from USA on our embroidery works to ensure that your eyebrows or eyeliner does not leave a red or blue tinge when it fades of over the years. The pigments are inserted into your skin into the right depth using an extremely fine needle. The effect can usually lasts 1-2 years before a touch up is required.

semi permanent makeup

What is the process?

During your first visit, your eyebrow artist will go through a detailed consultation with you to understand your lifestyle and medical history before going into your design expectations. After analyzing your face shape and brow bone structure and brow growth direction, your artist will design a shape that best suits your face. Numbing cream will be apply selectively to ensure the process is painless. The procedure takes about 120 minutes and you can walk out with fresh new brows!


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