3 Methods to Remove Bad Eyebrows

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Have you ever had any experience with bad permanent makeup or tattoos that you can’t wait to get rid of? In this article, we explain 3 methods that can be used to remove unwanted permanent make up such as an eyebrow procedure that went wrong.

Before we dive into it, let’s look at some reasons why people want to remove their permanent eyebrows.

From a bad brow design to an eyebrow that discoloured to green, red and blue, the process to remove an old brow can be extremely frustrating when you have to desperately cover up the old brows daily. The reason why many people are spotted with discoloured eyebrows is due to the traditional eyebrow tattooing technique used during the early introduction of permanent eyebrow make up. For this technique, a strong pressured machine with single needles tattoo the pigments deep into the skin, creating a permanent eyebrow shape that lasts for years. This traditional method tends to make brows look unnatural due to bigger molecules of pigments and pressure used. It also causes the ink to oxidise to red, blue or green overtime.

You could easily spot bad eyebrows that look discoloured to an awful greenish or reddish hue, or it could be a recently done brows by an unskilled technician that is not balanced with the facial features. If it does not sound bad enough, remember Eyebrow Embroidery is a permanent brow enhancement service, which means you need to live with it for a long time. For those who were unlucky or who had to suffer from bad eyebrows and want to end this as soon as possible, read on!

What are the methods to correct an eyebrow gone wrong?

At this point of reading, there are currently three methods that could fix eyebrows gone wrong – Laser removal, using pigments to neutralize the color, or by using chemical treatment. It is important to understand that these methods must be done by a professional to avoid any potential infections and side effects. In Singapore context, only a medical professional (Doctors, that is!) is permitted to use operate on a laser machine, no matter how big or small the machine.

Method 1: How does Laser removal remove bad eyebrows?

Bad Eyebrow Laser Removal

How does laser removal treatment work?

Laser removal treatment uses a laser that emits short pulses of light/heat energy into your tattoo. The ink particles in your skin absorb the wavelengths of the laser and shatter the tattoo pigment. One to three sessions are required until all the ink particles break down and are completely removed. The number of sessions you will need depends on the size of your brow tattoo, colour of the ink and the type of ink used by your eyebrow tattoo artist.

Eye protection will be provided before your eyebrow tattoo laser removal. Most eyebrow tattoos are small and only require approximately 30-40 minutes per session.

How much does laser removal cost?

As for pricing, one session can cost you anywhere from $300 – $500, so in total you may need to spend $900 – $1500 to completely remove your eyebrow tattoo.

Does it hurt?

It is not a pain-free process, the level of pain depends on how much ink/pigments will be removed. The pain can be quite uncomfortable and can be compared with the small amount of hot oil splashing on your skin.

Is laser removal treatment suitable for everyone?

It is important to note that people with existing medical problems such as diabetes or medication for blood thinners, should be careful for laser treatment as the treatment might affect the healing process and increase the risk of skin infection. Laser removal is more useful in removing darker pigment compared to reddish and greenish colours.

Method 2: How does Eyebrow Embroidery correction remove the bad brow?

How does Eyebrow Embroidery correction work?

If you do not find laser treatment appealing, there is still hope with Eyebrow embroidery. This treatment is not highly effective in altering a bad brow design but can be helpful to alter the colour in your old brow tattoo with more natural pigments used for Eyebrow Embroidery.

In order to do so, a neutralizing colour will be embroidered to the unwanted brows colours to turn it into a natural brown hue. The new desired brow colour will then be embroidered to the brows to achieve a more defined look. You will need to give your newly embroidered brows some time to heal for the best result. In order to understand the healing process as well as to maintain your new brows longer, you should read the Eyebrow Embroidery Healing Process here and follow the instructions from the brow technician regarding post-treatment aftercare.

Eyebrow Embroidery Before and After

How much does Eyebrow Embroidery cost?

As pricing goes, Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore can cost you anywhere from being affordable to premium pricing. The price ranges between $500 – $2000 SGD. The prices generally depend on various factors; The reputation/popularity of the service provider, the technique used, and the seniority of the brow technicians.

Does it hurt?

To ensure comfort through the process, numbing cream will be applied to your brows for at about 15 minutes prior, to minimize the pain. Generally, most of the customers compare the sensation to threading, which might cause slight itching, but bearable.

Is Eyebrow Embroidery correction treatment suitable for everyone?

Generally, most people are suitable for Eyebrow Embroidery, whether you have oily skin, dry skin or sensitive skin. However, for Eyebrow Embroidery used for brow correction, the effectiveness of this technique only works if your previous brow tattoo is light and the ink was not embedded too deep to the skin. To avoid dissatisfaction with the final result, you are recommended to send photos of your eyebrow tattoo to the salon so as they can evaluate if your brow tattoo is suitable for Eyebrow Embroidery before arranging an appointment for you.

Method 3: How does chemical brow removal fix a bad brow?

How does chemical brow removal work?

Chemical brow removal is a relatively new but effective method that uses glycolic acid and enzymes to penetrate the skin. When applied to the skin, it deeply penetrates the surrounding tissues as well and reduces the need for strong mechanical procedures. Unlike laser removal, Chemical treatment is also non-colour selective which means that it is effective on all colours.

It is important to note that the process must be performed by experienced brow artists. The brow artist will either use the microblading equipment or the PMU machine to work on the eyebrow tattoo. Using the chemical solutions, the skin will absorb it and start extracting the old ink. During the healing process, fragments of the colour will surface to the skin surface and scab off with dead skin cells.

Chemical Brow Removal

How much does chemical brow removal cost?

The price for each session is approximately S$150-250. However, only trained and licensed professionals are eligible to purchase and use these chemical based products.

Does it hurt?

Chemical removal is a painless treatment. There is no risk of scarring since this is a non-invasive treatment. Unlike the laser treatment, there will be no cuts to your skin. Hence, the healing process will be shorter and avoid post treatment pain-experiences.

To achieve the best result, you are recommended to follow the post-treatment aftercare tips (3-5 weeks after treatment): avoid swimming in shared pools or sauna, avoid facial treatment, avoid direct sun-exposure to your brows, and avoid application of cosmetic products around the brows.

Is chemical brow removal treatment suitable for everyone?

Generally, it is a safe treatment for most individuals. Special exceptions to pregnant or breastfeeding individuals, as it involves the usage of chemicals for the treatments. It is strongly advisable to sit for the treatment only if you are not breastfeeding/pregnant.

Chemical Brow Removal Before and After

Source: Phiremoval

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