Eyelash Extension First Appointment

Everything You Need To Know About Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions are synthetic lashes that are glued meticulously to each of your natural eyelashes. Because they are applied individually, they can look very natural, unlike strip lashes. They can also be fully customised, tailor to your eye shape or fit the style you fancy. 

When you go for your eyelash session for the first time, typically, you will be asked some questions on your preference of the curls, length, styles, thickness, and the type of lashes you prefer. 

To ease the concerns for all eyelash extensions first-timers, we have prepared a complete guide in terms of thickness, curl, length, styles, and aftercare so you can be more prepared for your consultation, and also understand the general process of the eyelash extensions application.


Eyelash Application Guide

When all the necessary steps of cleansing and prepping are done, the most simple step but plays a crucial role in the whole process is to isolate your lashes. 

Isolation is a step where your lash artist picks out one of your natural lashes using the tweezers. Once isolated, a synthetic lash/lash fibre will be picked up, dip with an appropriate amount of lash glue and applied on the top or side of your natural lashes, leaving a gap away from your lash line. This step is done repeatedly until the desired style is achieved. 


Type of Eyelash Extension

Gone are the days where we only have classic lashes. There are now more options of classic, hybrid and volume lashes. 

For volume lashes, you can decide if you like them to be in 2D, 3D all the way to 6D. 2D stands for 2-dimensional which simply means there are two synthetic lashes applied to one natural lash. By using two 0.10mm thickness lashes, creating a natural and beautiful effect on your eyes. The number of lashes applied to each lash is largely determined by the health of your lashes and the style you prefer. However, it is important to take note that your lash artist is not using more than one 0.12mm or thicker lashes on one natural lash as it can damage to your natural lashes.

Hybrid lash is a mixture of Classic and Volume lashes. It gives the definition of Classic lash with added fullness of Volume lash, creates a beautifully natural and fuller look to the eyes.


Various Eyelash Thicknesses

There are various eyelash thicknesses that you can choose from to create a specific eyelash style. In the earlier years when eyelash extensions were just starting to gain popularity, the thickness was limited to 0.25mm and 0.2mm. As technology advances, there are now many more options such as 0.15mm and 0.10mm. 

Most classic lash/ lash by lash extensions use 0.15mm while 0.12mm can be used for lashes that are more sparse and fine. For volume lashes, there are 0.07mm or 0.05mm thickness. In this case, multiple extensions are made into a fan to place onto one of your natural eyelashes.


Eyelash Extensions Curl Types

The curls are represented by an alphabet letter that resembles the curl. A curl is a slight curl while B curl is a medium curl that gives a slight open eye effect. C curl or D curl are more intense and most visible from the front. 

The type of curl used is determined by the direction of your natural lash growth as the curls have a different effect on a person with downward-pointing lashes and a person with curved up lashes.


The Length of Your Eyelash Extensions

It is recommended that the length of your extensions should be selected based on the length of your natural lashes. Having too long extensions that your natural lashes cannot take will weigh down your natural lashes and cause breakage or premature shedding. Opt for extensions that are not more than 1.5 times of your natural lashes. By doing so, it is guaranteed that your lash extensions will last longer, and will not damage your natural lashes.


The Most Popular Designs in The Eyelash Industry

The most popular designs in the eyelash industry are the Doll Eye, Cat Eye and the Sweet style. Doll eye design has the longest lashes at the center of the eye to create an open-eye effect to make it look larger, while Cat eye design focuses on the longer lashes at the ends to lengthen out the eye. The sweet style uses a longer length throughout the eye to create a bigger and wider eye effect. 


Please refer to the image below for a summary of eyelash extensions aftercare. Alternatively, you can read “7 Eyelash Extension Aftercare Tips That Make Them Last Longerfor more insights.

Lash Extensions Aftercare

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