4 reasons why you should not attempt to do Lash Lift by yourself

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During this Covid-19 period where work-from-home is the default, there is an increase in people looking for D-I-Y beauty treatments at home. From Lash Lift to eyelash extensions, the search for these treatments has increased significantly in the last 12 months according to Google Trends.

While many of the beauty salons closed following government advice due to the ongoing pandemic, many ladies had tried to source alternative methods for beauty treatments, and Lash Lift seems to appear like the easiest treatment to do-it-yourself at home.

Moreover, people were intrigued by the at-home Lash Lift and eyelash extension tutorial all over TikTok. The short clips have made it seem like the process of performing a Lash Lift is simple and can be done by anyone with a kit and instructional manual. In reality, a little misstep could result in a trip to the ophthalmologist’s room.

Infected eyes due to at home lash lift

Source: Dr. Jiwani & Associates

While you may be tempted to do Lash Lifts at home, it is important for you to also evaluate the risks.

What is a Lash Lift?

Lash Lifts is a procedure where your natural lashes are lifted up to create a bright-eyed effect. This differs from eyelash extension since it doesn’t add but merely lifts the eyelashes. Generally, the process for lash lift boils down to these 3 essential steps:

First, your natural eyelashes will be glued onto the silicon pad placed on your upper eyelids. The length of your lashes is what determines the size of the silicone pad is used. The sloped shape of the silicone pad serves as a foundation to give your lash a curve. Once the lashes are positioned correctly on the silicone shield, a keratin-infused lotion is applied followed by a setting lotion.

So what is a D-I-Y Lash Lift Kit?

Girl applying lash lift by herself

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In theory, D-I-Y Lash Lift kits sound great, who doesn’t like the idea of saving extra money on something they think they can perform at home? With a quick online search on some popular e-commerce platforms, you could easily find a Lash Lift kit as cheap as $15 (a fraction of the price of professional lash lifts at a salon, which can cost anything from $90 excluding a tint).

From lash solutions, lash serum and adhesive to silicone pads and even lash cleansers, almost all of the kits found online contain everything you would need to perform the treatment in your own home. Scrolling through social media, you probably can not miss the advertisements, five-star reviews and countless posts/videos from influencers, showing how naturally curl their lashes are with the help of these D-I-Y kits.

The before and after photos are incredibly convincing. But the risks are equally enormous as well.

Why you should not attempt to do Lash Lift by yourself

D-I-Y Lash Lifts show the inconsistent result when compare with Lash Lift perform by professional

D-I-Y Lash Lift:

When you come across any video tutorials reviewing and demonstrating on D-I-Y Lash Lift and eyelash extensions, keep in mind that their reviews tend to be biased especially from those that are being sponsored by the brand. From an expert point of view, those videos often show poor application methods, hence leading to uneven results for both sides of the eye. The retention and effectiveness are reduced significantly and it might show zero results on those who have very short lashes.

Source: Amazon

Licensed Lash Artists:

Lash artists have the expertise to execute this service properly, due to months of training before they are certified to be able to lift lashes (even with short and sparse lashes) in the most professional and proper way.

Risk of eyes exposed to chemicals if not perform properly

D-I-Y Lash Lift:

According to Dhruvin Patel, leading optometrist and founder of Ocushiel: “At-home Lash Lift kits are dangerous and there is a high probability you will harm your eye or the structures around it with toxic ingredients that include ammonia, formaldehyde and more.” The list of side effects is endless, says optometrist Rachael De Carteret. “The strong chemicals used in eyelash perming can cause irritation, redness and discomfort if they come into contact with the surface of the eye, and in some cases can even cause burns and painful corneal ulcers.” (Source: Jacqueline Kilokita, Refinery29)

According to user reviews from Amazon, some of them experience eye redness and eye swollenness while using the D-I-Y Lash Lift Kit. Some experience eye swollen and/or unusual amounts of natural lashes shredded after a few days/weeks.

Source: Amazon

Licensed Lash Artists:

It is important to know that professional lash artists have access to the best of the best when it comes to solutions and lash-related tools. With proper application, the entire Lash Lift process is safe, all you need to do is relax, take a lash nap and let the professionals take care of your lashes.

Lash Lifts at home are time-consuming

D-I-Y Lash Lift:

You will likely take more than 90 minutes if you are attempting to D-I-Y as you can only work on one eye at a time, not to mention you can expect to have uneven lash curls if not done properly. Perhaps more effort should be put in to get better results, but it will definitely take hours. Everybody knows that “Time is money”, so if time is your priority, doing Lash Lifts at home is not the right option for you.

Source: Amazon

Licensed Lash Artists:

In general, the whole Lash Lift process takes about 45 minutes when done by a professional, and the results are always expressive. You can also consider opt-in for Lash Tint, it helps darken your lashes, creating a more obvious mascara-like effect with an extra 15 minutes.

Low-quality D-I-Y Lash Lift products can damage your natural lashes

D-I-Y Lash Lift:

Not all DIY products are monitored for quality control. Indeed, the majority of the consumers might not be aware of the unregulated ingredients that make their way into many Lash Lift kits sold online with a very cheap price tag. Even though some of these products have very good 4 to 5-star reviews, it is important to also read that 1 – 2 star-rated. Those reviews can be helpful for you to understand the risk of infection before purchasing.

Source: Amazon

Licensed Lash Artists:

Professional lash artists have contacts with reliable suppliers/product sources. During their time of training to attain a Lash Lift Certificate, they gather knowledge of the best lash lift kit products in the market. Those products are clinically tested and proven to be safe for the eyes. Therefore, the cost of the service is higher but much safer when compared with doing a lash lift at home with a D-I-Y kit.

Conclusion: At-home Lash Lift Kit, is this worth trying?

We understand the temptation of giving yourself a Lash Lift, but the risks of self-harm are far too high. Instead, opt for the temporary use of lash curler and mascara. You can also try using a lash growth serum and then add more effect with a lash curler. In conclusion, it is simply not worth the risk when it comes to doing Lash Lifts at home. Love yourself and your lash, leave the Lash Lifts to the professionals!

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