5 things you should take note for your first eyelash extension appointment

So you have finally decided to book your first-ever appointment for eyelash extensions in Singapore. Congratulations, your life is about to get a whole lot easier, your lashes will look effortlessly gorgeous without false eyelashes or mascara. Understanding the needs of looking and feeling your best every day, we have prepared a few tips for you to keep in mind before your first eyelash extension appointment, so you could help us meet your expectations and be ready for some beautiful lashes.

  • Be on time

    There is nothing better than pampering yourself with any type of beauty treatment. In order to make yourself feel relaxed, especially if this is your first time doing eyelash extensions, We suggest that you should arrive five to ten minutes before your appointment. This may help you to ease down the nerves, avoiding you from rushing to the appointment feeling stressed and flustered. You may want to notify your eyelash extension service provider or eyelash artist if there is an exceptional circumstance that might compromise your punctuality.

  • No eye makeup

    Eyelash extensions work best on bare, clean lashes to prolong the lifespan of the lashes. If you’re coming from work or brunch, you will need to remove your eye makeup, including mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow (best with non oil-based makeup removal as it can dissolve lash glue), and do not use an eyelash curler. This is because makeup will stop your new lash extensions from adhering properly. Therefore, leading to wastage of time and delaying the eyelash extension procedure.

  • Remove contact lens

    Bring along a contact lens case and solution on the day of appointment if you wear contact lenses. Eyelash extensions glues need moisture to cure hence wearing contact lenses could cause your eyes to feel a little more dry than usual. If you do not wish to remove your contact lens, prepare some eyedrops in case your eyes feel dry after the procedure.

  • Visit the washroom before your appointment

    Please note in mind that eyelash extensions procedure takes around 60-90 minutes, we do not encourage having a bathroom break during this period. You will not want the uncomfortable feeling of needing to go to the bathroom that will potentially ruin your relaxation time. Thus, we recommend you to go to the washroom before-hand to ensure you are as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

  • Know what you want

    Have you seen perfect lashes on your friends, family members or influencers’ social media account? Take a photo or screenshot and show your lash artists the image. This could help the lash artist understand your preference and desired results, therefore they can recommend what they think would be best for your eyelashes. Although Dreamlash provides consultation services, having an idea of what you want will help you have more time to give you the best lashes possible.

If you follow these simple tips, you can be assured to have the smoothest, stress-free eyelash extension experience. Look effortlessly beautiful with Dreamlash damage-free eyelash extensions.