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6 important tips to find the Eyelash Extensions that suits you

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Have you been contemplating trying eyelash extensions after seeing how fabulous it looks on your friends? Or have you been doing eyelash extensions but wish they could look better on you?

Check out 6 important tips when deciding the eyelash extensions to ensure desired results for both first-timers and regular eyelash addicts!

TIP 1: Type of lash extensions

Firstly, it’s important to know that eyelash extensions are not one-size-fits-all. They should be customised to fit different eye shapes, lash growth and lifestyles. For a start, it is important to understand the basic difference between the 2 main types of lash applications – The classic technique where one strand of extensions is applied onto one strand of the natural lash. Volume technique where multiple strands of extensions are applied onto one strand of the natural lash. Both create different outcomes on your eyes. Choose the technique that gives you the results you prefer.

It takes about 60-90 minutes for classic eyelash extension, volume and ultra volume 90-120 minutes. Touch-up session takes around 45 – 60 minutes.

Classic Lash Extensions vs Volume Lash Extensions

Tip 2: Style

Different lash styles should also be considered such as the Cat-eyed effect where your eyes look like they’re pulled outwards to create the right touch of flirtatious alluring eyes, or the dolled-eye effect where curlier extensions are used to create an eye-opening look. Specific explanations of lash styles and designs can be found in “Everything You Need To Know About Eyelash Extensions”.

Dolled Eye Effect Eyelash vs Cat Eyed Effect Eyelash

Tip 3: Eyelash materials

Do you know there are different lash materials that give a different feel of how your extensions may turn out? There are man-made silk, mink, sable, human hair but the most common ones are silk and mink. The main difference between Silk and Mink is the level of shine on the lashes. Silk lashes have high shine and give the wearer a dark intense effect while Mink are matte and provide an incredibly lightweight feel, ideal for creating a natural and fluffy look.

Mink comes in real mink animals or synthetically made. For those who want to avoid using animal fur, those who are vegan or vegetarian, simply opt-in for cruelty-free lashes/ vegan lashes. They are synthetic lashes but extremely lightweight and safe as well.

Fact: Dreamlash Korea only uses cruelty-free premium handmade lashes

 Eyelashes by Dreamlash

Tip 4: Choosing the eyelash salon that suits your needs

Do a little research on the available eyelash extensions salons before making your appointment. It is recommended to search for the salon’s social media presences (such as Instagram and Facebook), or read Google reviews to find out what other’s experiences have been.

You should also research the styles of eyelashes provided at the salon as some salons are specialized in crafting natural-looking lashes while some focus more on dramatic-looking lashes. Check out on the gallery of the website or Instagram, and save the images that you most prefer so you can show it to your lash artist during your appointment.

Keep in mind that there could be risks to visit salons that do not have certified lash technicians to serve you. Also, beware of salons that promote ultra-low prices as the products and skills could likely be compromised.

Tip 5: How much you can expect to pay

It is essential to set your budget and preference before choosing the salon. Pricing differs depending on the location of the salon, the expertise of the lash artists and the products used. Most highly experienced lash artists charge anywhere from $100 onwards, depending on the complexity of the design.

Tip 6: Communicate with your Lash Artist

While most people are suitable for having eyelash extensions, there are customers who have sensitive eyes, and might experience red eyes or irritation after the procedure. Therefore, it is important to be aware that if you have sensitive eyes, ask your lash technician if they have glue/adhesive that is more suited to sensitive eyes.

Secondly, you should understand that adhesive is one of the most important factors in eyelash extensions application. Thus, asking your lash artist for adhesive ingredients, such as if the glue they use is high-quality, formaldehyde-free and medical-grade glue.

It’s also important to have a thorough discussion with your lash artist regarding the best length, curl and thickness that is suitable to your eye shape. If you have done your research, this is the best time to share with your lash artists the photos of lashes that you most desire. Doing so will ensure you walk out of the salon happy with the final result.

DREAMLASH KOREA – Safe & Natural Korean Lash Trends Since 2013

Although wearing a mask is compulsory now, this doesn’t mean that we can’t glam up. In fact, this is the time for your eyes to take centre-stage!

Dreamlash specialises in eyelash extensions offers techniques that cater to different expectations. like Korean Classic Eyelash Extensions that are ideal for first-timers, and Magic Volume Eyelash Extensions that strip lash lovers will absolutely adore! Check out our services here.

All of the products used by Dreamlash are designed and produced in Korea where they undergo stringent quality control checks to ensure they are safe for your eyes. Our lash artists are highly skilled and with years of experience in performing various eyelash extensions procedures.

Eyelashes Before and After by Dreamlash

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