Find Out Which Eyelash Extension Style Best Suits Your Eye Shape

What’s not to love about eyelash extensions?

Not only are they super convenient and effortless – eyelash extensions are the easiest way to attain a new look without having to undergo a complete makeover!

It’s no wonder that they have quickly become the go-to procedure for ladies who want to get glammed up for a big event or simply shave off some precious snooze time in the mornings.

However, if it is your first time getting a pair of new flutters – choosing the perfect eyelash extension style in Singapore can quickly become overwhelming.

Not to worry, there is an easier way to go about it – did you know that our eye shapes play a significant role in determining what is the best extension style for us?

Here is what to look out for:

What is Your Eye Shape?

Your eyes speak volumes – literally.

Depending on your eye shape, there are different styles that we offer at Dreamlash that are specially designed to enhance your natural peepers – here are the most common ones that we see:

Almond-Shaped Eyes

Almond Shaped eyes Dreamlash

Lucky you! Almond-shaped eyes are arguably the most attractive shape (hello Beyoncé and Emma Watson!) as it naturally points upwards at the corners of the eye and is wide in the centre.

This means that your eyes already look “open” without the need for extensions, and a wide range of styles will fit you perfectly!

Round Eyes

Round Eyes Shaped Dreamlash

Round eyes come in second-best, where people with this eye shape tend to have naturally bigger eyes. In order to make it more almond-shaped, it is essential to elongate the corners of the eyes for that sultry and feminine.

The only problem is not to overdo it, as you can easily transform your big, bright eyes into a “constantly surprised” or what they call “deer in headlights” appearance.

Close-Set Eyes

Close-set Eyes Shaped Dreamlash

You have close-set eyes if your eyes are less than one eyeball width apart. This often makes you look more intense and serious than you actually are.

This is why it is important that you choose a style that emphasizes the outer corners of your eyes to “pull” them further apart and draw attention away from the inner corners of the eyes.

Wide-Set Eyes

Wide-set Eyes Shaped Dreamlash

The opposite of close-set eyes is wide-set eyes, which are eyes that are set more than one eyeball width apart.

This causes your face to look wider and out of balance, and choosing a style that draws attention to the inner corners instead is how to create an illusion that your eyes are closer together.

Single Eyelids

Ladies with Single Eyelids

People with single eyelids tend to dislike how their eyes look smaller and more tired.

The best styles for people with monolids are those that help to open the eyes – with the longest lashes concentrated at the centre in order to lift the eyes.

Ladies with single eyelids can also benefit most from a stronger curl in order to make their eyes pop!

Hooded Eyes

Hooded Eyes Shaped Dreamlash

Hooded eyes are similar to monolids in that they make your eyes appear smaller due to the crease of your eyelids hiding your eyes and lashes.

People with this eye shape tend to find it difficult to put on eyeliner or mascara as the lash line is often covered and more prone to smudges.

Hooded eyes are most commonly seen in Southeast Asian women and just like monolids, will benefit most from a stronger curl.

Downturned Eyes

Downturned Eyes Shaped Dreamlash

Downturned eyes tend to droop or point downwards at the corners of the eyes, which is often also seen in mature ladies who are experiencing sagging due to the natural ageing process.

In this case, styles that help to rebalance the eyes and lift it, such as shorter lashes in the inner corners that flare out to the outer corners will work wonders.

Which Style Should You Pick?

Now that you have a better understanding of the different types of eye shapes out there, it is time to match it to the best eyelash extension style for you!

At Dreamlash, we offer these lovely and irresistible styles:


Dolly Eyelash Extensions

This style focuses on having longer lashes in the middle and tapers off at either corner to really help open up the eyes and make them appear bigger and brighter!

This is a super versatile style that looks great on most eye shapes!

Best for: Almond-shaped eyes, single eyelids, and hooded eyes.


Sweet Eyelash Extensions

The Sweet style is a very natural looking and “low-key” style that looks just like your natural lashes, but better!

Following your natural lash line and adding just the right amount of length and volume throughout, this style is designed to help you nail the perfect sweet and innocent look.

Best for: All eye shapes, especially for those who are just starting to try out eyelash extensions.


Gorgeous Eyelash Extensions

A slightly more dramatic version of the Sweet style is Gorgeous – which helps to open up the eyes even more by placing the longest lashes in the middle.

It’s the perfect go-to style for those who want a mix of both Dolly and Sweet!

Best for: Almond-shaped eyes, single eyelids, hooded eyes, close-set eyes, and downturned eyes.


Flirty Eyelash Extensions

Flirty gives you the ultimate “cat-eye” look that mimics the shape that you would draw a winged liner. The longest lashes are at the outer corners and help to create that sultry and exotic look.

Best for: Almond-shaped, round, and close-set eyes.


Sexy Flirty Eyelash Extensions

Sexy is similar to Flirty as it fans out at the outer corners, lengthening the eyes while simultaneously lifting it by concentrating the longer lashes towards the middle.

Best for: Round, close-set, and downturned eyes.

What Else Should You Consider?

There are so many other factors that come into play when choosing the perfect lash design for you, and that includes the thickness, length, and curl of your lashes.

Ideally, you don’t want to pick anything that is much thicker and longer than your natural lashes as it can weigh them down and cause breakage.

Depending on whether you want something more natural or dramatic – knowing what look you want to achieve will help both you and your lash specialist to customize a design that is unique to you!

Even if you don’t have the all-desirable almond-shaped eyes, it is still very much possible to work with any style in the book – you simply need to work with a creative and experienced lash specialist to help you find a happy medium.

Have Your Lashes Done at Dreamlash Today

At Dreamlash, we are a premium Korean Eyelash Extension studio that creates highly-customized and beautiful lash designs for our clients using safe techniques developed in Korea.

Every one of our lash specialists is trained at The Lash Academy and certified by KELA – and we prioritize our methods on taking into account your natural lash growth cycle to keep your lashes looking and feeling healthy!

With 9 lengths, 6 curls, 6 thicknesses, and 5 different styles to choose from – the lash combinations offered at Dreamlash are truly endless!

While social distancing has forced us to go au naturel for the time being – the growth of eyelash extensions will continue to prosper worldwide, with many new trends changing the way in which we wear our peepers (think magnetic lashes and rainbow-coloured lashes!)

Think you are ready to get a fresh set of eyelash extensions? Contact us today to get in touch with one of our lash specialists to put together your very own lash design, or find out more about our range of eyelash extension services here!


Featured Image from: Sulwhasoo